Aurora Precision Sharpening Service has been serving commercial and individual users of cutting tools successfully for nearly 40 years. We opened for business in March of 1975.

Many of our customers have used our services since we first opened.

Carbide Saws

Carbide saw blades are a major portion of the sharpening done at APSS

Home Tools

We are equipped to handle home and garden tools and household items such as kitchen knives and scissors. We remain one of the only shopes that sharpen handsaws on a regular basis.

Cold Saws

We sharpen coldsaws for use in cutting cold rolled steel.
Our service is available through various pickup and delivery points with a pickup service offered to commercial accounts with regular quantities of blades and tools to be sharpened. For those who find one of the identified pickup pointís inconvenient, items may be shipped to us for sharpening. Upon completion of the sharpening the items will be shipped back to the sender. Shipping charges will be added to the work charges.

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